Election results from the town hall live in the video stream

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For the city of Monheim am Rhein, we have been handling the live streaming of "Rats-TV" since 2018 – the broadcast of meetings from the town hall has been a success since the beginning. With the presentation of the 2020 municipal election results, there was a record number of viewers.

"For the first time, the city of Monheim am Rhein used its Rats-TV technology, introduced in 2018, on this election Sunday to stream the presentation of the municipal election results from the council chamber live via its website.

There was a lot that was new for presenter Hans-Peter Anstatt as well. Apart from the unfamiliar role of acting in front of an invisible audience, the election presentation software, which is now used uniformly throughout the district, was also used for the first time in a local election. And for the first time, the now retired and highly experienced administrator had to act in the council chamber almost in front of a ghostly backdrop, from which there were consequently hardly any reactions and emotions – a novelty. The view of the limited number of people admitted to the council chamber and precisely the possibility of being able to use the livestream had apparently prevented many interested citizens from coming to the town hall in person this time to follow the outcome of the election in large company. Where hundreds of people had crowded together in numerous previous local elections, this time just a good handful of interested people got lost..."

The full press release is available here: https://www.monheim.de/stadtleben-aktuelles/news/nachrichten/tausende-verfolgten-die-praesentation-der-wahlergebnisse-aus-dem-rathaus-live-im-videostream-8891

The live video production on site is handled by our event streaming team – details of the project in our case study: Rats-TV der Stadt Monheim am Rhein: Full service with video production on site