Increase your service value with G&L’s OTT Live Setup

We have crafted this reliable workflow using some of the best products in the streaming industry. From origin to monitoring, our OTT Live Setup will make your life easier. Whether you want to add extra live channels or access to a special live event for your viewers, increasing your service value can be more challenging than you expect.

G&L OTT Live Workflow



What you need


  • Reliability: Live is hard, and users don’t tolerate issues
  • Modularity: One size does not fit all
  • Transparency: Turn logs and metrics into insight and action
  • Energy Efficiency: Costs for energy are exploding, high burden on the environment
  • Minimize TCO: Make the most of your money


What you get


  • Rock-solid components, multiple redundancies, self-healing, and a quarter-century of experience
  • Ability to exchange almost every part in the signal chain, choose the ideal tool set for your job
  • One pane of glass for logs and metrics with scalable & flexible analytics databases, dashboards, business logic, and alerts
  • The most efficient video processing & delivery components
  • Minimal TCO: Choose the operational model that best fits your budget


Premium products

  • Source: G&L Signal Acquisition, Graphics Manager, Compositor, and OTT transcoder
  • Origin: Scalstrm Origin Live Packager
  • CDN: Akamai CDN and Cloud Wrapper
  • Playback: Bitmovin CMCD enabled Player
  • Monitoring: Touchstream Virtual NOC and ISP Insight

How to get started


1. Demo: Arrange an individual demo, tailored to your needs

2. Brainstorming: Go to the drawing board with one of our solution engineers

3. Budgetary quote: Get an easy overview of pricing options

4. Formal quote: Get your black tie quote with all the cost details

5. Implementation: We build your solution and write documentation

6. Operations: We make sure your stuff runs smoothly

We are here to help. Get in touch with us via email, our contact form or by phone


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G&L OTT Live Setup