G&L designs and builds media processing and distribution systems that work.


G&L designs, implements, and manages solutions for processing and delivery of media content – live, on-demand, 24/7 and for events.

At our headquarters in the German city of Cologne and offices in Berlin, Munich, and Pleasanton, CA, we currently have over 60 experienced employees extended by an international, well-established network of independent experts. Our partner family’s members are world-leading companies.

Hans W. Geißendörfer and Alexander Leschinsky established the "Streaming Division" as a department of Geißendörfer Film- und Fernsehproduktion in 1999 and founded the company G&L in 2005.

How we work

Deep market

Expertise in the
relevant products


After many successful years in the streaming industry, we know our and other industry leaders’ strengths and understand exactly which strategic partnerships and products to use for a project – to the greatest possible advantage of our customers.



Top quality and
highest availability

and powerful

Our way of thinking: we find a solution for everything and set ourselves no limits – neither in our terms of our mindset, nor in the delivery of content. Our credo: 100% availability – everywhere, always and with maximum performance. We offer custom-fit digital media solutions and design the processes to create a powerful system characterized by efficiency and flexibility.


Agile cross-functional

Fair advice and
24x7 service

premium support

Our business is dynamic and fast-paced. We address this with mental, organizational, and process agility. Our multidisciplinary teams accompany a project from the consulting stage, through its design and implementation, to long-term care with 24x7 support. Fast response times resolve inconsistencies before they can become an issue.


Who trusts us – and why

As early as 1999, we started delivering public service content from the major German broadcasters via the Internet. At that time, streaming was still in its infancy, but it was already growing at a rapid pace. G&L was instrumental in setting this pace, and our focus was always on being one step ahead of the status quo. This is still true today and is the reason why broadcasters, agencies, and companies place their trust in us: technical expertise, coupled with experience and a passionate desire to always be at the forefront of technology.

Long-standing partnerships and continuous market observation contribute to our shared success. We spot industry trends early on and bring forth future-proof technologies. Therefore, our partners are as diverse and multifaceted as our customers: Our proven network ranges from leading providers for CDN services, to vendors of players and encoders, to service providers for monitoring and controlling IT systems.

Trust as the central foundation

Our customers are at the center of the value chain. We take every step together with them. This begins with providing honest advice. The aim is to offer each customer the solution that makes the most sense for them – both from a technical and a financial viewpoint. We work within interdisciplinary teams and push each other to the limits until we find the very best way. The much quoted “extra mile” is not just an empty phrase for us – we genuinely go it. Every day.

Our core values

  • Customer centricity

    Our customers are at the center of all our efforts. They are our source of inspiration. We ascertain their needs and always try to exceed their expectations.

  • Quality

    We set high standards, especially for ourselves. Our stated goal is to provide excellent services and to continue to get better with every project. We shoulder responsibility and can always act appropriately with mental, organizational and process agility.

  • Trust

    As a team, we can always rely on each other. We earn the trust of our customers and partners time and again by acting honestly, sincerely, and reliably.

  • Respect

    We treat each other with esteem, consideration and mutual respect. We take care of each other and show appreciation for each other’s achievements. As a signatory to the "Charta der Vielfalt", we are proud to be a diverse and inclusive company. We do not shy away from factual discussion and love a frank word. It is the issue at hand that we attack, but never the person.

  • Curiosity

    We always are curious what added value technology can offer. Our expertise is always cutting-edge. Through our burning desire to get to the bottom of issues, we solve problems better than others.

  • Consistency

    Without experience and consistency, we would be less successful. They represent the cornerstones of our success. We strive for long-term and reliable relationships with our customers and partners, as well as within our internal teams.

  • Enjoyment of life

    Life is short, and the world is serious enough on its own. Laughter and a pinch of craziness complement our professionalism and grease the wheels of our working world.