Audio distribution made easy

G&L’s Radio Distribution Platform is used by broadcasters of all sizes: from small local radio stations to large media corporations and broadcasters.

Setup is easy, all we require is access to your streams or audio files.

Key features

  • Live and on-demand radio/audio
  • Easy setup
  • Icecast / Shoutcast, HLS
  • Podcast hosting and delivery
  • Privacy protection and data security
  • Advanced data logging, analytics and alerts
  • SLA options available
  • 24/7 technical support


  • Over 400 Gigabit/s total delivery capacity
  • Capacity for more than 3 million concurrent listeners
  • Around 1 billion sessions per quarter
  • Country-wide distribution of public broadcasters in multiple regions
  • 500+ channels with more than 1000 individual stream variants
  • Sustainable solution: powered by renewable energy
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Our preferred audio partner

 Together with Ferncast, we provide a cost-effective, complete audio distribution solution and already support major German and Spanish public broadcasters. Ferncast's aixtream is a software solution for the control and management of every kind of audio applications: OTT, DVB, SIP, AOD, DAB, STL, FM, TRANS, LOUDNESS

Trusted by industry leaders

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