Success model livestreaming: stayed in instead of gone out

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"Every day we give you selected tips – independent, subjective and always different. Be open to new things, discover your city and meet people who love going out as much as you do!" – this is how has been successfully presenting itself to the community for quite a while now and is considered Cologne's personal friend and advisor when it comes to how to spend the afternoon or evening.

The focus is not necessarily on the top acts and world tours in the big concert halls, but rather on daily tips as a best-of album of the Cologne cultural scene – the new street art gallery around the corner, the flea market in the neighbourhood or the latest insider tip for public viewing of the Bundesliga.

But what happens when going out suddenly no longer works? Stay at home, Bleib zuhause or, in good Kölsch, "Bliev zu huss" – these are circumstances that naturally put going out as a motto under severe pressure. Alternatives are needed!

The Rausgegangen team developed a new idea in a very short time. Dringeblieben was born: "We thought, if we as a society can no longer go out for culture, we'll bring culture into your living room. For this reason, we will go online with livestreams on"

At you will find:

  • Livestreams for artists and venues to easily host events online. From theatre to concerts to parties.

  • Opportunities for viewers to communicate with the artists and with each other via chat.

  • And last but not least, the possibility for viewers to financially support the artists in the stream.

We liked the idea of dringeblieben right from the start – not only as a streaming service provider, but especially as a company rooted in Cologne with a strong connection to the local art and culture scene. We support the portal as a friend and partner with media delivery solutions such as Akamai Media Services Live 4, HLS Ingest or flexible live transcoding. And are very happy about the success of the new community! "So far, 707 livestreams have supported artists with a total of 137,279.68 euros from you".

Interested artists can find the necessary information for setup, technology, location + equipment right on the start page of