Cologne is networking: what’s going on in times of Corona and #stayathome?

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"#inKöllezeHus": We’d like to present a few Cologne-based online projects and initiatives that foster both local and networked support. Or which are simply entertaining. From a living room concert, to virtual workouts, to the household assistance services from "Veedelshelfer". Non-exhaustive, but maybe you’ll find something for you:



Culture in the living room


Sports programme for the city of Cologne

SC Fortuna Köln

Supporter games

BFO e.V.

Citizens for the Homeless

Hilf Deinem Kino

Three simple steps to support your cinema

IHK Köln

Ten tips for retailers

Espresso für Kölle

Support your Veedelcafé now!


Support local shops and restaurants

Philharmonie TV

Concerts from the Kölner Philharmonie

Robby Hunke kommentiert

Football commentator on the wrong track


support your local scene

Next Generation Ticketing

Bumann & SOHN

Bar & beer garden with weekly auction

Katholisches Köln

Initiatives in the Cologne City Deanery

1. FC Köln

For children and fans

Veedelsretter Köln

Support the shops on your doorstep

Web de Cologne

Cologne Corona Aid Action be continued