Remote access to corporate applications

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Currently, many companies are thinking about how they can allow their employees efficient access to the company network and the associated infrastructure while working from home. We have reported on relevant solutions many times in the past and are currently receiving many enquiries on the subject – here is an updated summary.

Fast and secure access provisioning

  • Classic and modern access technologies
  • The role of the corporate firewall
  • Multi-factor authentication
  • ADC, VPN, IAM: still up-to-date or outdated?

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Securing business continuity in 2020 with proven solutions

The sudden increase in remote users is a challenge for many of our clients. Enterprise VPN configurations are typically not designed to handle large numbers of remote workers, and scaling access is expensive, slow and complicated for most organisations. We therefore refer to the possibility of testing access solutions that have been tried and tested over many years and weighing up whether the services presented fit your IT concept. Here is some additional information on the Akamai offer:

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