G&L streams IWWF Europe and Africa Wakeboard Boat Championships

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Streaming fun in the sun with stunning manoeuvres and daredevil jumps

There were some amazing views of the "Eat Play Love"-Festival 2022 shown in the G&L livestream between 12 - 13 August. Supported by our event team, the European wakeboarding elite could be watched live during this year's Championship Contest.


G&L employee Felix Hoven took care of the upstream encoding, including video and audio mixing on site. He combined the signals from three cameras and a drone, and the sound feeds from several presenters and background music, to create a thrilling overall package. 

In addition to the standard video embedded onto a webpage, this international event could also be watched live on Youtube.


G&L Event Streaming is a reliable full-service provider with long-standing experience, offering solutions for all kinds of events - such as livestream and/or video on demand. Like the Wakeboard Championships, numerous organisers rely on our expertise. In the first half of 2022, G&L Event Streaming has already managed more than 225 events.

Available services

On-site video production

  • Adjustable PTZ cameras (pan-tilt-zoom), GoPros, etc.
  • Controlled centrally, mixed and recorded by G&L team on location
    Viewing options: Insertion of textual information, boards, PowerPoint presentations, pre-produced videos as well as integration of external speakers via Zoom, Webex or Teams; Point-to-Point connection via SRT protocol
  • Compliance with data protection regulations: Consideration of personal rights to image and sound


  • Encoding and transcoding: highest quality standards through Akamai services (Live 4 with low latency, token authentication and monitoring with media analytics)
  • Output: As stream or simultaneous on screen, monitors, etc.
  • Playback via high-performance HTML5 video player (TheoPlayer), integrated on the organiser's website or microsite/landing page and simultaneous playback on other platforms such as YouTube/social media

VOD-Streaming (Live-to-VOD)

  • The livestream is immediately available as video on demand (VOD). Edited parts can already be made available as VOD during the current session. Additional information, subtitles, translations can be added to the VOD.

Possible use cases

Concerts (also at locations without "fixed internet"), sporting events, (press) events, product presentations, virtual and hybrid conferences, meetings of city councils, parliaments, and committees, etc.

Please don’t hesitate to get in contact!


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