Meet G&L @ IBC2022 in Amsterdam

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After a two year break caused by the pandemic, we are really looking forward to attending the IBC2022 in Amsterdam. In addition to our enthusiasm for technical innovations, personal connections and face-to-face networking are hugely important to our business.

Contact with G&L at IBC2022 is possible via Marcel Boeing (Solution Engineer), Daniel Dennstedt (Streaming Media Engineer), Tobias Drees (Senior Executive Streamologist), Martin Grohme (Chief Innovation Officer), Alexandra Herzogenrath (Projekt Manager), Alexander Leschinsky (Co-Founder & Managing Director), Sven Novak (Head of Project & Product Management), Manfred Romans-Petit (Projekt Manager), Igor Sedov (Product Manager), Philipp Spiel (Head of Event Streaming), Tilak Varisetty (Streaming Engineer) and Susanne Wiebe (Head of Sales & Marketing).

Book an appointment with them directly via our contact form: