DOMRADIO.DE: Internet radio supported by G&L and Ferncast

Together, G&L Geißendörfer & Leschinsky and DOMRADIO.DE operate the Ferncast-developed software solution aixtream.Julia Reck Domradio.dePress release: Online PR News July 2022, Aachen/Cologne, Germany

DOMRADIO.DE has been broadcasting for over 20 years by now. The Catholic multimedia broadcaster run by the Bildungswerk e.V. of the archdiocese Cologne reports on both daily news as well as Christian, ethical and social topics. Since 2020 DOMRADIO.DE is supported in this by the audio encoder vendor Ferncast GmbH and the system integrator G&L Geißendörfer & Leschinsky GmbH.

One of the ways how DOMRADIO.DE makes its program available is as internet radio stream with two bandwidths using the audio distribution platform RNDFNK, which G&L also uses for the distribution of internet radio programs of public broadcasters.

DOMRADIO.DE was already equipped with aixtream in 2020. G&L provided the software solution aixtream by Ferncast. Thanks to the support and guidance by G&L the implementation was fast and uncomplicated. Since then, the program is processed for the listeners with Ferncast’s solution. G&L ensures the long-term maintenance of the solution with its 24/7 support for DOMRADIO.DE

The listeners of DOMRADIO.DE profit fully from the advantages of aixtream, a scalable software, running as server or VM installation. It is constantly being improved and new features are added. G&L considers the very customizable "PIPE Concept" one of the main advantages of aixtream because of the great flexibility it adds to configuration. It is a very straightforward and modern system, which makes it possible to configure even complex connections in a fast and intuitive way. Another advantage of aixtream is that any standard hardware can be used as a platform for the Ferncast software.

Alexander Leschinsky, Managing Director of G&L Geißendörfer & Leschinsky, commented: "This project allowed us to use the exceptionally flexible and reliable aixtream encoders from Ferncast for an enthusiastic customer and allow them to share their radio program and their message, which they create with the greatest devotion, in the best quality — with Cologne, Germany and the whole world."

You can visit the Ferncast website to learn more about aixtream:

Photo: Radio presenter Julia Reck, DOMRADIO.DE


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The high-tech software development company Ferncast provides audio transmission solutions for the world of broadcasting and streaming. Ferncast offers software solutions that allow broadcasters to perform their audio transmission without conventional hardware audio codecs or encoders. They are dedicating their research and development resources to continuously develop and improve aixtream – a software solution for various real-time audio applications.