Insider tip: New Social TV Platform for Munich and Hamburg – Entertainment via Livestream

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“When the crowd can no longer come to culture, culture comes to the crowd at home. Digitally, freely accessible and without any risk”.

This is the motto of the newly created “Geheimtipp” project – the initiative has set itself the goal of offering a new social media platform for creative metropolises like Munich or Hamburg that strengthens regional cohesion and offers an alternative in times of the Coronavirus.

The planning is ambitious, because the new channels are to go online within a very short time: as early as Wednesday (18.03. / 15.00), the team wants to go live for the first time and from then on serve Hamburg and Munich (more or less) 24x7 live with news, reports, interviews, stories, panels, live podcasts, concerts and the like.

We are supporting the “Geheimtipp” project with social media transcoding!

The project, which was communicated to us via project partners, appealed to us so much that we decided to support it: we handle the live transcoding of the social media streams and take care of the corresponding setups on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.

Further information on the project can be found at for Munich and for Hamburg.

A sustainable digital product for regional strength:

From the current press release: “The DFL has stopped playing, the Nockherberg beer terrace has run dry, James Blunt is singing in an empty Elbphilharmonie – and many are losing their stage. In plain language: the cities are losing their culture! Since Thursday, however, synapses have been burning in the Geheimtipp control centres! The topic: What’s next and how to deal with Corona? Exactly 24 hours (and one very long night) later, two regional tag teams present their answers to the impending shutdowns. The developments spanning the last few days have shown: everyday life has turned upside down in a very short space of time. Panic buying, empty streets and entire cities holed up in the home office. And, above all, cultural life will change massively over the coming weeks.”

On balance: the foundations are in place – in the next few days, the team is hoping for further support from the Hamburg and Munich area, with a view to setting the course for a successful launch. We hope the Geheimtipp team enjoys a truly successful project start and plenty of success down the road!