Expansion of our AWS partnership: Certification as Authorized Public Sector Partner

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After several years of experience as a technology partner in the AWS partner network, we have now successfully added certification in the Public Sector Partner Programme to our range of services. Our many years of experience with customers from the public sector, education or non-profit organisations is meaningfully complemented by this qualification. An advantage that we are happy to pass on.




Qualification as an APN consulting partner requires experience in using Amazon Web Services as well as corresponding AWS certifications at the associate level; our team meets these requirements through regular participation in training and workshops.

In addition to all theoretical training and qualifications, it is of course the work in daily practice that makes up our experience with AWS. We successfully use the conception, integration and operation of AWS solutions in a wide variety of projects for the benefit of our customers. 

The new and additional recognition as "Public Sector Partner" requires customer references from the public sector as well as successfully implemented websites with case studies from the public sector, both of which we have.

We look forward to putting the advantages and differentiation programmes from this new qualification into practice! If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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