Cooperation with G&L: Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier expands its range of CDN services

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Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier is the international wholesale division of Deutsche Telekom. It offers its customers a comprehensive portfolio of services to meet all the needs of a rapidly changing telecommunications industry. The unit's Content Delivery Network solutions have a capacity of 50 Tbps worldwide, and the offering includes services around Web Acceleration, Media Delivery and Web Security.

As part of a strategic partnership, we are now supporting the Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier Team in the provision, operation and support of the Content Delivery Network services. Our common goal: to further increase the competitiveness of our customers through optimal networking in a global market.

Press release of the Global Carrier Unit on the cooperation:

Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier Enhances Content Delivery Offerings
Cooperation with G&L Geißendörfer & Leschinsky GmbH

April 08, 2019, Bonn. Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier today announced a new cooperation that will strengthen their content delivery and web security solutions. It will now be supported by G&L Geißendörfer & Leschinsky GmbH, enabling comprehensive services in the areas of design, integration, management and operation of content delivery and web performance solutions.

Matthias Maurer, Head of Product Management Internet & Content, at Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier said, “With G&L we have an outstanding and trustworthy partner with deep content delivery know-how. Our combined expertise will allow us to deliver even more tailored solutions and full integration assistance. Assets that will result in exceptional security, scalability, reliability and speeds – for the very best user experience.”

Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier has offered multi-vendor content delivery solutions for many years now. It brings to the table a large customer base and expertise in IP connectivity and internet security. Through the addition of G&L’s professional services, complex web applications and parallel transmission of media content to thousands of users will be ensured. G&L has developed and operated services for web and mobile performance, media delivery and complementary cloud security since 1999.

About Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier:

Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier is the international wholesale division of Deutsche Telekom. We offer a comprehensive portfolio for all the needs of a rapidly transforming telco industry. One that is continually updated to provide fast, innovative solutions for future technologies and challenges. As one of the world’s leading carriers, we satisfy the requirements of Deutsche Telekom Group’s international affiliates and more than 900 external customers worldwide. With more than 20 years of experience in the international wholesale communication market, Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier offers next-generation platforms, extensive networks, a global backbone, 360 degrees of security, tailor-made solutions, worldwide connectivity, and much more. 


The full press release can be found in the Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier newsroom: