Bit rate and business model – Moving image quality and brand image.

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White paper for free download: How our bodies react to video quality

"The science behind how our bodies react to video quality"

Together with the biometrics company Sensum, Akamai measured the reactions of more than 1,000 users as they watched a video in high and low resolution.

Tools – such as electro-dermal activity monitoring and facial coding systems – were deployed. Each person was asked to associate their video experience with one of three OTT business models.

We are currently offering a white paper for download that is particularly popular among video marketers. The connections between moving image quality, brand image and thus, ultimately, a successful business model are presented in a comprehensible way.

From the content:

- How Resolution and Re-Buffering Impact Engagement

- How Business Model Impacts Engagement

- Business Model Changes How Quality Impacts Brand Image


Study conclusion: There is a clear connection between experience, perception and business success.




Whitepaper-Download (PDF, English)