How content providers delight users: live streams in TV quality

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Formula 1, Champions League, the company's corporate event – when the future of television goes online, the users' demands move with it. Picture drop-outs, delays or even interruptions – no provider can afford that. There is therefore no substitute for technical quality. And the demands of the end users are extremely high.

Despite similar expectations on the consumer side, livestreaming is based on different prerequisites than television broadcasting. For example, availability must also be ensured after an event – 24/7. Despite the uncertainties of traffic jams on the data highway, a low delay must be guaranteed. And finally, there is not just one device – like TV used to be. Instead, the user chooses their own end device. Content providers who want to meet the demand for linear live video streaming must therefore overcome several challenges if they want to ensure broadcast quality.

The basic requirements for live streams in TV quality are summarised once again:

  1. Broadcast quality feed:
  2. Delay minimisation:
  3. 24/7 availability:
  4. Status check of streams:
  5. Secure data transmission: via end-to-end TLS session

Hot-facts of the Akamai solution include:

  1. Ingest Acceleration:
  2. Low latency support:
  3. Self-repairing network:
  4. End-to-end support for TLS (Transport Layer Security):
  5. Improved First Mile Reporting:
  6. DVR and archiving capability: for a richer playback experience on the end-user side.

Cost, interoperability and scalability were key considerations when designing this solution to deliver live linear streaming to viewers today – in TV quality. In doing so, G&L supports all content providers.

Because the future of TV is on the net – OTT broadcasting brings the best entertainment & co. to every end device. Optimal technology and high-performance services form the reliable basis for this.