ANGA COM 2024 - An Exciting Journey

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You know that feeling when an experience exceeds your expectations?
That was ANGA COM in a nutshell!
G&L had a full Systemhaus. We hosted two partners as co-exhibitors, Ampere and NETINT. Ampere's CPU and NETINT's encoding Quadra cards are highly efficient products that are part of G&L's "Audio Video Processing Unit" AVPU. And we formed the home base for our long-time partners Akamai, Bitmovin and Ferncast during the show.
  • We learned that managed service providers and systems integrators like us are vital in the ever-evolving and complex ecosystem of broadcasters, network operators, and OTT providers.
  • We were reassured that there is a substantial demand for our powerful, eco-friendly, single-rack AVPU. Together with software components like G&L's Playout Manager, featuring the NORSK SDK-built Compositor, this sustainable, high-density, low-power unit offers flexible input, storage, and hardware acceleration options.
  • We learned from Will Law that 'Media over QUIC' is a protocol to pay attention to, with its promises to enhance real-time media experiences significantly by merging low-latency streaming services with the scalability of real-time media conferencing. The test videos were impressive.
  • On stage, our Co-Founder and CEO, the "L" in G&L, Alexander Leschinsky, spoke about popularity-aware #encoding and finding that sweet spot on when you should choose which codec to cut content distribution costs. He also shed light on when choosing an on-premise solution could be more efficient and profitable.
  • In many conversations, it became clear that safeguarding the integrity and trustworthiness of content is increasingly important. This reinforced our belief in the importance of G&L recently joining The Coalition for Content Provenance and Authenticity (C2PA).

G&L aims to be your home for all your streaming needs.

If you'd like the slides for G&L's presentations, reach out to our partners, or consult about your streaming aspirations, drop us a message.
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