G&L Partner: Akamai Technologies

Akamai Technologies

A leading service provider for CDN services: Akamai is one of the world's largest providers for the distribution and acceleration of online applications and content. Its portfolio includes performance, cloud security, enterprise access, and video delivery, and is complemented by outstanding customer service, analytics and round-the-clock monitoring. Akamai’s Intelligent Edge Platform is the largest and most widely distributed edge platform in the world.

We use the following services from Akamai Technologies - a selection:

Adaptive Media Delivery Media Delivery

Captivate your online viewers. Securely deliver consistent, high-quality online video to the ever-growing online audience.


API Gateway Web Performance

Maximum scalability and reliability by outsourcing API governance to the edge


API Prioritization-Cloudlet Web Performance

Visitor traffic segment prioritization: Avoid long wait times or server outages for native endpoint apps and single-page apps by providing an alternative non-HTML element from Akamai if your API or service is at risk of being overloaded.


Application Load Balancer-Cloudlet Web Performance

Fast, flexible and reliable load balancing for your applications


Bot Manager Cloud Security

Block even extremely complex bots


China CDN Web Performance

Expand your global footprint with Akamai to capitalize on the unprecedented growth of the Chinese online market


Dynamic Site Accelerator Web Performance

Network optimizations to deliver dynamically generated, multimedia content


Edge Redirector-Cloudlet Web Performance

Manage and offload high URL redirection volumes to Akamai Edge


Enterprise Application Access Cloud Security

Powerful remote access to applications


Enterprise Threat Protector Cloud Security

Proactive protection against zero-day malware and phishing


Fast DNS Web Performance

Cloud-based DNS for higher performance, availability and resistance to DDoS attacks


Forward Rewrite-Cloudlet Web Performance

Improve SEO and user experience by easily creating and managing clean and semantic URLs. The Forward Rewrite Cloudlet rewrites the requested URL at the edge to return a different value or content based on a set of rules, without changing the URL that the visitor sees in the address bar.


Global Traffic Management Web Performance

Even spread of your traffic across all data sources


Image Manager Web Performance

Increase user interaction through engaging and fast digital experiences


Ion Web Performance

Intelligent automation for web optimization


Kona Sie Defender Cloud Security

A proactive, fully managed security service to protect your mission-critical assets


Media Services Live Media Delivery

Close the gap between livestreaming and the classic TV experience with the special features of Media Services Live


mPulse Web Performance

Determine the business impact of performance with Real User Monitoring (RUM)


NetStorage Media Delivery

Reliable storage specifically designed for secure, persistent content transfer from geographically replicated sources


Page Integrity Manager Cloud Security

Improve website integrity by detecting and fixing script vulnerabilities


Phased Release Cloudlet Web Performance

Simplify rapid code changes in production with real users and possible failback. Develop Canary versions with failover to minimize risk throughout software development.


Prolexic Routed Cloud Security

Fastest DDoS defense against terabit attacks


Visitor Prioritization-Cloudlet Web Performance

Maintain business continuity during periods of high traffic volume


Web Application Protector Cloud Security

Simple, powerful security for web applications


More about Akamai Technologies: akamai.com/

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