Web performance, user experience and RUM

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RUM stands for “Real User Monitoring” – a service that passively collects data directly from the website visitor’s browser session and generates comprehensive user experience reports from it. These reports provide DevOps with valuable information on the performance of a website, load times, entry and exit points or environment variables such as device, location, operating system and browser. Furthermore, metrics on redirects, DNS, connection duration or “Send and Receive” in the backend are provided, thereby not forgetting DOM and frontend rendering.

RUM can be particularly useful for major changes to the pages, upgrades or the integration of new features. RUM is also considered a highly effective tool for A/B testing and UX optimisation. First-Cause Analyses are used here, which could only be implemented to a very limited extent with other forms of monitoring. This means, in particular, very detailed information about visitor experience on a performance basis during the use of a website. The correlations between performance metrics and business results are displayed in real time.

Does RUM appeal to you? We are currently offering a free trial version of mPulse together with Akamai. mPulse is a scalable RUM solution that was explicitly developed for the following areas of application:

  • Find and fix performance issues that are getting in the way of revenue.

  • Monitor the user experience during code releases, migrations, or critical business

  • Prioritize your development efforts in alignment with business opportunity.

  • Measure the performance of third-party content and inform strategies to mitigate
    negative impacts.

  • Capture real user data to develop real-world perfomance testing strategies with Akamai CloudTest.

More information about mPulse directly at Akamai – if you are interested in a test version of mPulse, please contact us directly.

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