Video Tech Trends 2021: Bitmovin Live Webinar on 18 February 2021

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G&L CEO Alexander Leschinsky discusses the top 5 video tech trends 2021 with five other industry experts.

Five video tech trends, six experts – the Bitmovin webinar on 18 February 2021 will provide exciting insights into the latest developments in video streaming. In addition to the question of all questions – cost reduction with simultaneous scaling – the focus will be on topics such as video analytics and improving the viewer experience.

Whether you are a technician or a decision-maker, there should be something for everyone when industry professionals discuss the following points based on Bitmovin’s fourth “Video Developer Report” (800 participants from 80 different countries):

  • Reducing costs of content distribution while building to scale
  • The importance of Video Analytics and how/why to apply them
  • Innovatively increasing viewer engagement
  • The new “norm” of streaming models is that there is no “norm” (AVOD vs SVOD vs Mixed vs Bundling, etc)
  • Continued improvements to viewer experience

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