Thoughts from a Streamologist: CMCD

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Tobias Drees
Senior Executive Streamologist at G&L

Not enough people are talking about CMCD, but I am!

CMCD, short for the Common Media Client Data standard, makes it a lot easier to debug or detect playback issues, not to mention, the simplicity of getting accurate CC counts. Since the player is generating the data, you could get an unfiltered view on your playout from your regular CDN logs, if you'd like. 🙂

Also, if your CDN interacts with CMCD, it would result in a more efficient way to distribute your media and increase the quality of experience enjoyed by your users.

It could end up in a sort of "self-healing" distribution setup, which would minimize efforts, and give you back more time to do whatever it is you do on your free time when not reading blog articles.

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