Planting trees with G&L

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At G&L, we're not just about cutting-edge tech; we're also committed to cutting carbon emissions. Today, we proudly announce our latest step towards a greener future, celebrating our winning of a Streaming Media Innovation Award.

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In partnership with the organization PLANT-MY-TREE, we stepped away from our desks and picked up gloves and rubber boots (Photo gallery). Together, we planted 150 G&L trees in close proximity to our Cologne headquarters.

Alexander Leschinsky, CEO at G&L: "Planting trees is a wonderful hands-on complement to our technological initiatives aimed at energy reduction and a nice way to celebrate our success at the Streaming Media Awards. PLANT-MY-TREE does incredible work, and they've been doing it for over two decades. They have been pioneers in systematic reforestation efforts and have established numerous innovative approaches to further their mission."

And now?

So, what happens to the trees that G&L planted? Ideally, we won't need to do much because nature will take its course. In the background, PLANT-MY-TREE regularly monitors the area for pest infestations, extreme weather conditions, and unwelcomed visitors. They ensure that the forest can be what it loves to be most: a forest!

All information about the work of PLANT-MY-TREE can be found on their website.