New video player for ZDF: powerful on all devices

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Livestreaming and the subsequent provision as on-demand content on the net as quickly as possible poses a whole series of technical challenges for the broadcasting stations: Rising audience ratings online, viewers' viewing habits are increasingly moving away from linear television to what is offered on the net. The transmission here is expected and provided for a growing variety of different reception options: web browsers, TV sets including internet connection, smartphones and pads of all kinds, online-capable consoles, set-top box offerings such as Apple TV or FireTV... users everywhere expect a smooth display, the best possible picture quality and, of course, the lowest possible delay in data transmission.

Against this background, the ZDF broadcasting group decided to fundamentally overhaul the central software component of its media libraries and make it available as a highly flexible and scalable solution.

We are very pleased to have been commissioned with this demanding new development, which we are carrying out in cooperation with our long-standing partner netTrek GmbH & Co. KG.

In our cooperation, we bundle G&L's services around streaming solutions, OTT solutions and media delivery with the software development expertise of our colleagues at netTrek. Together with netTrek, we have been providing and developing similar components for quite some time, such as the official audio and video players of the ARD.

More information about the project also at netTrek: "Mainzelmännchen on Demand"