NAB Show 2023 in Las Vegas

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100 years of NAB Show – a truly meaningful milestone and an incredible journey marked by significant advancements in our industry! At G&L, we work every day to ensure that the future still offers amazing developments. That's why we exclusively partner with the industry's top players, such as Akamai, AWS, Backlight|Wildmoka, Bitmovin, Haivision, Touchstream, Videon, and Greening of Streaming. These G&L partners won numerous awards and unveiled cutting-edge announcements at NAB.

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Partner announcements at NAB


▪️New cloud computing capabilities
Akamai Technologies announced new cloud computing capabilities for streaming video at the 2023 NAB Show. They are designed to help OTT operators deliver higher quality and more personalized video experiences to viewers. G&L is already using these capabilities in production successfully.

▪️Akamai and Bitmovin to debut joint CMCD solution

Akamai and Bitmovin team up to bring a brand new offering that provides media organizations with end-to-end visibility between the video player and CDN to reduce costs of errors and optimize quality of experience for audiences worldwide. We would be happy to advise you on this exciting solution from our two partners Akamai and Bitmovin.


▪️ AWS Media Services and AWS Customer Solutions for M&E
With it’s services, AWS  can help customers effectively create, deliver, and monetize content with secure and reliable cloud solutions.

▪️AWS Elemental MediaConnect Gateway (Award winner)
Good new feature: AWS Elemental MediaConnect Gateway is a new cloud-connected software application to transmit live video between on-premises multicast networks and AWS.
Great award-winning solutions: ▪️AWS Studio in the Cloud and ▪️AWS Color in the Cloud


▪️Player Web X
Next-generation video player, which defines a new standard for playback performance, especially for more challenging platforms such as SmartTVs. 

▪️Smart Chunking (Award winner)
A major advancement for VOD Encoding, which significantly impacts video quality by optimizing chunk lengths and bitrate distribution, improving visual quality throughout the asset faster than before.

A hugely exciting, innovative automated stream testing solution; it allows video developers to test and guarantee the quality of experience for their audience across more devices & platforms.

▪️Per-Title Encoding for Live Streaming
Per-Title Live Encoding delivers the best possible video quality while minimizing the data required when compared to traditional approaches.


▪️Makito X4 video encoder and ▪️Pro series of mobile transmitters
Haivision showcased the latest features added to its award-winning ultra-low latency Makito X4 video encoder series, including a newly designed user experience, as well as the game-changing Pro series of mobile transmitters.

▪️SRT Gateway platforms and ▪️StreamHub (Award winner)
Haivision’s StreamHub and SRT Gateway platforms can receive, decode, and distribute live video streams to support a range of workflows including SDI, NDI, ST 2110, SRT, and even social media networks.   

▪️Video Wall Haivision Command 360
Haivision demonstrated its video wall solution for operation and command centers. This wall solution was also used in Haivision's NAB stand design and looked very cool!


▪️ISP Insights (Two awards winner)
With Touchstream's ISP Insights, ISPs will never be blind about last-mile video delivery issues. Insights is an extremely helpful addition to your monitoring and troubleshooting workflows. It helps to visualize all these needles in the haystack that you are missing otherwise.


▪️Videon Compute Platform
Videon presented the Compute Platform and it’s limitless possibilities and capabilities of live video with its advanced technology at several partner booths at NAB.

Videon's Edgecaster is the basis for our ▪️G&L Quellcaster, a product we are happy to provide you with detailed information about.

Partner awards won at NAB

AWS Elemental MediaConnect Gateway

🏆 NAB Show 2023 Product of the Year Award

AWS Studio in the Cloud

🏆 NAB Show 2023 Product of the Year Award and 🏆 Broadcasting & Cable (B&C) Best of Show Award

AWS Color in the Cloud

🏆 TV Technology Best of Show Award

Backlight Wildmoka

🏆 Broadcasting+Cable Best of Show 2023 Award

Backlight Zype

🏆 NAB Show 2023 Product of the Year Award  and 🏆 NextTV Best of Show 2023 Award

Bitmovin Smart Chunking

🏆 TVBEurope Best of Show 2023 Award

Haivision StreamHub

🏆 NAB Show 2023 Product of the Year Award and 🏆 TVBEurope Best of Show 2023 Award

Haivision Pro460

🏆 NAB Show 2023 Product of the Year Award

Touchstream "ISP Insight"

🏆 NAB Show 2023 Product of the Year Award and 🏆 IABM BaM Award

Greening of Streaming

🏆 2023 NAB Show Excellence in Sustainability Award

This newly launched awards program recognizes individuals, organizations, and products/services for outstanding innovations in media technology that promote conservation and reusability of natural resources while fostering economic and social development.

As a member of Greening of Streaming, G&L is especially pleased about this important award.


We will be happy to provide you with detailed information on our partners' products and how we can integrate them into solutions tailored to your needs.