ARD.ZDF medienakademie: Workshops with Martin Schmalohr (G&L)

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Workshop "Production goes online - Adaptive Streaming & MPEG-DASH"

The workshop will focus on technical and editorial requirements that web-based distribution channels from social media to HTML5 and HbbTV impose on traditional television productions.

Seminar leaders: Andreas Hemmers (WDR) and Martin Schmalohr (G&L)

Date: 28 to 30 March 2023, in-person, Nuremberg

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Webinar series "Distribution im Internet: Codecs, Qualität, Container und HbbTV Interoperabilität"

The basics of audio and video compression, multimedia transport of audio, video, and subtitles over the open internet, as well as delivery of segmented and non-segmented audio and video streams to many simultaneous users will be covered in three parts.

Part 1, 3 May 2023: "Codecs, Quality, Containers, and HbbTV Interoperability"

Part 2, 10 May 2023: "Adaptive Streaming Techniques, MPEG-DASH, HTML5, and DVB-DASH"

Part 3, 17 May 2023: "CDN-Basics, Multi-CDN, Quality of Experience, Stream-Monitoring, and Analytics"

The content builds upon each other, but can also be booked separately.

Seminar leader: Martin Schmalohr (G&L)

Dates: 3, 10 & 17 May 2023, Online-Webinar

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