CloudTest Summary Report: Web Performance and Load Testing

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System test under peak load

In an extensive test scenario, the Akamai Performance Engineering Team directly compared a customer’s production system to a delivery via the Akamai CloudTest platform. System environment, details and domain information were anonymised. The report, available below as a free download, contains extensive data and metrics on the behaviour of the two systems in direct comparison when under different load distributions.

Excerpts from the report:

The test was designed to measure system performance and scalability, while monitoring response time metrics as user concurrency increases over time. This includes:

• Determine system scalability and performance while increasing user concurrency over time
• Determine system response times while increasing user concurrency over time
• Measure the impact of commercial load spikes on system performance while operating at peak load


Nine test scenarios were created:

1) Scenario 1: 46% of Load      6) Scenario 6: 33.3% of Spike
2) Scenario 2: 24% of Load     7) Scenario 7: 3,000 Users
3) Scenario 3: 13% of Load     8) Scenario 8: 66.6% of Spike
4) Scenario 4: 17% of Load     9) Scenario 9: 33.3% of Spike
5) Scenario 5: 66.6% of Spike


What we learned:

• Load is unable to scale effectively to peak base load without performance degradation
• The majority of issues occurred on the xxxxxx domain along with two xxxxxx domains
• The majority of the error types were HTTP 504, 502, 404, and 400



Download the full report: PDF, English, 19 pages


For information on Akamai's CloudTest platform, please visit

„CloudTest from Akamai is one of the largest, highly scalable, global load testing platforms to help you quickly validate if your business is ready for success on that big day. It allows you to safely simulate your largest events in production with precise control, while producing a live analysis of what your site or app is capable of on your big day, and helping you drill down to the source of any performance bottlenecks.“ - if you are interested in testing your own platform, please contact us directly.