Akamai is revolutionising the cloud market with 'Akamai Connected Cloud'

Our partner Akamai is introducing an exciting new era with its cloud computing platform 'Connected Cloud'. The upcoming service integrates core and distributed computing sites with a massively scaled edge network. This architecture will enable enterprises to get applications and data closer to their customers. In addition to improved performance, scaling and security, pricing will also become more affordable.

To provide the new service, Akamai is building three new enterprise-scale core cloud computing sites across the U.S. and Europe. Like the existing 11 sites, the new sites will plug into the Akamai backbone — connecting them to the most distributed edge network on the planet.

G&L Co-Founder und CEO Alexander Leschinsky says:

"'Akamai Connected Cloud’ and the new distributed locations to be launched globally align perfectly with what we love most about Akamai: providing the ultimate distributed edge and cloud platform. Our multicloud media stack includes Storage, Encoding and Packaging for Live and On-Demand, Workflow Management and Metadata Extraction and Injection. We are using Akamai to extend our services with ease, reliability, and cost efficiency, helping us to provide unbeatable value to our clients."

The Connected Cloud was designed to do just that: To serve the growing need for a distributed cloud platform that solves common cloud challenges such as cost, price, performance and scale, in addition to customised deployment. An important part of the journey to the 'Connected Cloud' was Akamai's acquisition of the IaaS provider Linode last year. The new locations will offer all the cloud computing services acquired from Linode.

In addition to the three new core locations, Akamai plans to build another ten core sites as well as 50 distributed ones across the globe. Of particular interest to G&L: several locations in Germany, as well as Austria and Switzerland, will in future complement the existing Frankfurt core site.


Akamai Unveils 'Akamai Connected Cloud' and 'New Cloud Computing Services'

The press release of 14 February 2023 can be found here: