E-learning platform TheSimpleClub transforms business model and generates 50% more revenue through optimized video playout


TheSimpleClub – the success of transformation

The solution developed by G&L GmbH – implementation of Akamai Adaptive Media Delivery – was able to completely transform TheSimpleClub’s business model and deliver convincing results in no time at all. Within the first four to six weeks, 250,000 downloads of the newly developed app were recorded by YouTube subscribers: a conversion rate of 25%, coupled with a 50% increase in revenue. The Simple Club “fan app” was subsequently named one of the best IOS apps of 2016.

Further successes in the initial weeks following the launch of the solution for TheSimpleClub:

  • Top 10 in the Google App Store: Already on the first day of release
  • More than 1.1 million app installations: On iOS and Android
  • Increased advertising revenue: With lower charges
  • Increase in turnover by 50%: Through the registration option, as well as the integrated payment method


The initial situation

YouTube as an e-learning platform

As an e-learning platform for the subjects of Maths, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Economics, History, Geography, Computer Science or Mechanical Engineering, TheSimpleClub is one of the most successful providers of e-learning content in Germany with over 2.1 million subscribers on YouTube. But YouTube as a platform offered only limited opportunities for TheSimpleClub: both for playouts and for extensions of the business model.

TheSimpleClub, therefore, needed a solution that went beyond the limited distribution of a YouTube channel. This is because many user functions, such as the processing of payments or the individual ability to find video content, are simply not possible. Moreover, advertising revenues should no longer be shared – even more so at non-negotiable conditions. Therefore, a dedicated multiscreen video platform was to complement the YouTube solution.

The challenge

A multiscreen video platform with added value relevant to the target group

This new multiscreen video platform should enable users to pay individually for their content by way of integrated payment. The insertion of advertisements was to be completely under the control of the subscriber – with free choice of the marketer. Additional options for subscribers were needed – as new features – such as courses for students with test questions and handouts for download. Higher digital visibility should ensure an enhanced ability to find content. And a customised user interface was to be created – with an individual menu structure.

The desired high-performance and excellent content delivery were handled by G&L Geißendörfer & Leschinsky GmbH, which implemented the Adaptive Media Delivery product from market leader Akamai. Adaptive Media Delivery ensured an optimal viewing experience for the audience interaction of TheSimpleClub’s video offering – by adapting in real-time to the available bandwidth of the respective user. This enabled users to enjoy the video content at all times with the best possible performance on all devices.

TheSimpleClub thus achieved a higher awareness and recorded a significant increase in playouts. Especially this increase in playouts was one of the biggest challenges for the development of the platform.


The solutions

Akamai Adaptive Media Delivery – optimal viewing experience for dynamic network environments

The choice of online video strategy has a decisive influence on how the target group perceives the brand. In particular, the assessment of video quality falls directly on the brand itself for providers like TheSimpleClub, whose core offering is video playouts.

Therefore, only a reliable solution like Akamai Adaptive Media Delivery came into question, which ensured first-class video playback across the different networks.

The key advantages

  • Continuously developed SaaS product
  • Cloud-based OVP solution
  • Modular end-to-end solution

Akamai Adaptive Media Delivery is built on the Akamai Intelligent Platform™ – offering the highest scalability, reliability, availability and reach. Even with the highest quality networks, typical latencies, data congestion and packet loss can severely degrade online video quality. With 20 to 100 times more points of presence than other global CDN providers, Akamai’s vast network of Edge Servers minimises the impact of inevitable network congestion – ensuring consistently good video. By partnering with the world’s leading providers to integrate these Edge Servers into more than 1,200 service provider networks, Akamai ensures optimal user proximity as well as the lowest latency and highest quality.


TheSimpleClub pursued several objectives in making their video content available via the new platform:

  • Improved ability to find content and new features: clear presence of video content, new social media and content sharing features, and the addition of motivational gamification elements should improve awareness among the target audience.
  • New members’ area: the introduction of a password-protected members’ area should make it possible to offer users controlled access to additional functions in return for monthly fees.
  • Increase in turnover: across the entire range of offers, this should increase the turnover of TheSimpleClub.

Why Akamai and G&L?

The solution developed for TheSimpleClub was created in cooperation with G&L Geißendörfer & Leschinsky GmbH.

G&L integrated Akamai’s end-to-end solution – “Adaptive Media Delivery” – which combines the highest scalability with reliability, availability and reach. Adaptive Media Delivery is optimised for an adjustable bit rate, meaning that users on fixed or mobile networks, as well as on different network types, always enjoy an optimal video experience – despite different connection speeds.