Live draw of "LOTTO 6aus49": G&L encoding for the lottery draw


Always on Wednesday and Saturday: The German Association of State Lottery Companies (Deutscher Lotto- und Totoblock DLTB) broadcasts its lottery numbers live – via YouTube live streaming, as well as video-on-demand on


The initial situation

Desire for YouTube as a new playout centre for the broadcast of the live draw of the lottery numbers

The service platform of the German Association of State Lottery Companies (Deutscher Lotto- und Totoblock [DLTB]) brings together the community of 16 independent lottery companies in the German federal states for the transmission of the live drawing of the winning numbers in LOTTO 6aus49. The companies of the DLTB act as organisers of the state-approved lotteries and sports betting. Since 2013, the drawing of the lottery numbers on Saturday, as well as on Wednesday – under the title “LOTTO 6aus49” – has been broadcast live.

Beyond the transmission of the weekly draws via live streaming, an additional virtual tour through the lotto studio offers extended options for viewers. During the draws, this digital tour gives a 360-degree view of the Lotto premises with the current participants – and provides another building block in the strategy pursued by for greater transparency and publicity.

A new, high-performance video solution for these public draw broadcasts helps to achieve enhanced transparency and more effective accessibility for the public as a live broadcast. In addition to the transmission of the “classic” lotto draw broadcast, viewers also have the option of watching the draw in 360°. The greatest possible guarantee of transparency can only be surpassed by an on-site visit to the studio. In addition, the new live streaming option of “LOTTO 6aus49” via YouTube as an innovative playout centre should increase the reach and presence for the brand profile of the DLTB. The successful expansion of the brand into the digital future is the overarching objective here.


The challenge

Reliable live encoding for Germany’s big lottery draw

The lottery numbers are drawn live via the website and simultaneously via the YouTube channel as live streaming – every Wednesday at 6:25 p.m., as well as on Saturdays at 7:25 p.m. The DLTB thus places high demands on the chosen service provider: namely maximum reliability, technical know-how and service readiness. For this purpose, G&L Geißendörfer & Leschinsky – as a partner – provides a holistic package consisting of the components G&L encoding solution, training and subsequent support for the encoder services.

The solutions

G&L Live Encoding and Professional Training

G&L Geißendörfer und Leschinsky enables DLTB to focus on playout on YouTube as a new playout centre.

G&L provides the necessary encoding technology to this end. Beforehand, the company defined and developed a common workflow and organised the accompanying training – from the subject of encoder fundamentals, to all associated processes, to broadcasting via YouTube. The training covered both the playout via the company’s own YouTube channel and the integration into the website

G&L Support: Service package for all cases

After completing the process of familiarisation with the technical solutions, the weekly playout of the draws is carried out independently by the DLTB – encoding tasks are taken over independently by the company’s own employees as part of the procedure that was developed.

In order to ensure the mission-critical quality of live broadcasts, G&L’s support team is available with a 15-minute response time via phone contact or email to resolve any potential issues or quickly implement change requests at any time.

The key advantages

  • Highly reliable playout with maximum performance

  • Package solution – consisting of technology, operation, service and training

  • Stable video of the highest quality

  • Digital transparency, added value and attention-plus for the brand

  • Expanding the presence of the lottery numbers draw for “LOTTO 6aus49” in the minds of German gambling or lottery participants.
Why G&L?

The solution developed by G&L for the German Association of State Lottery Companies (Deutscher Lotto- und Totoblock [DLTB]) combines technical encoding and other professional services to form a complete package. The willingness to support the customer DLTB in the solution’s implementation with accompanying consulting and services was just as decisive in the choice of the optimal service provider as were the requirements for general reliability and technological expertise.

The company

Deutscher Lotto- und Totoblock

The German Association of State Lottery Companies (Deutscher Lotto- und Totoblock [DLTB]) is a community of 16 independent lottery companies in the federal states. LOTTO stands for the principle of luck rooted in responsibility. The primary objective is to make it possible for participants to try their luck, while at the same time preventing gambling addiction from developing. As part of the state’s mandate, LOTTO’s activities are not oriented towards the pursuit of profit, but are primarily geared towards promoting the common good. The stakes of gambling participants flow back to the general public for the most part and finance numerous projects in the areas of social welfare, culture and sports.