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G&L enables you to easily deliver audio and video content live and on-demand. With our technical powerhouse trusted by Germany's largest broadcasters, leading events and government entities for the last two decades, our friendly and international team attentively manage your services with 24/7 support so that you can focus on creating content and growing your audience.

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Deep market insights and long-standing partnerships: We identify industry trends at an early stage and implement future-proof technologies.

  • Consulting
  • Conception and Design
  • Implementation and Software Development
  • System integration
  • Operation
  • 24/7 Support in both German and English
  • Distribution

G&L is committed to low-emission processing and delivery of digital media.

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Product fields

  • Signal Acquisition and Contribution
    • Satellite
    • IP protocols, WAN, LAN
    • SDI
  • Media Processing
    • Live Transcoding
    • On Demand Transcoding
    • Static and dynamic packaging
    • Compositing
    • Format conversion
    • Quality control
    • Clipping and concatenation
    • Encoding and digital rights management
  • Metadata Processing
    • Extraction
    • Accessibility
      • Sign Language
      • Subtitles
    • Enrichment using cognitive services
      • Optical character recognition (OCR)
      • Person recognition
      • Object and scene recognition
      • Text to speech
      • Speech to text
      • Speaker recognition
      • Translation
      • Sentiment analysis
    • Format changes
  • Asset and Workflow Management
    • Media content
    • Metadata
    • Search
    • Workflow

  • Hosting of Media, Metadata and Applications
    • Block, file and object storage
    • On-prem, cloud and hybrid
    • Origin Server
    • VM, Container, Serverless
    • SQL and NoSQL databases
    • Message Queues
    • API endpoints
  • Distribution
    • Content Delivery Network (CDN), both global and regional with strict data sovereignty
    • Stateless
      • HTTP
      • HLS
      • DASH
      • CMAF
    • Stateful
      • MPEG TS over TCP/UDP
      • Icecast/Shoutcast
      • WebRTC
  • Playback and Analytics
    • Media Playback
    • Metadata Playback
    • Usage Analysis
      • Editorial
      • Technical
  • Monitoring
    • Local and distributed measuring
    • Aggregation and evaluation
    • Visualisation
    • Reporting
    • Alerting
    • Alert Routing

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