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Hosted by: G&L, Paramount, Touchstream, and the Streaming Video Technology Alliance

Learn to master high-volume data! Discover strategies for reduction, cost-saving, and simplification from the experts.

This 45-minute technical deep dive on data processing at scale is provided by experts from Paramount, Touchstream, and G&L, and the SVTA. This session is perfect for you, if you're looking to enhance your efficiency in managing large datasets and optimize your data systems.

Workshop Highlights

  • Data Source Exploration: Dive into various data sources and their use case dimensions, ranging from real-time to historical data analysis.

  • Challenges in Data Management: Tackle the complexities of high cardinality logs and metrics, crucial for robust data handling.

  • Practical Strategies: Learn about innovative data reduction techniques and cost-cutting strategies that can be applied to your operations.

  • Advanced Tooling: Get insights into the latest tools that facilitate efficient data management.

  • Custom Solutions: Explore how to build your own solutions to fully control your data destiny.

  • Special Focus: A detailed look at managing CDN logs in large, multivendor environments.

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Who is addressed?

Media professionals looking to optimize their data operations for better efficiency, reduced costs, and less complexity, all while gaining actionable, real-time insights.



Sean McCarthy

Director, Product - Video Platform

Sean McCarthy is working with Video Technology Group (VTG) at Paramount Global, building tools and services for the video platform powering Paramount's many apps and sites including Paramount+, PlutoTV, CBS Sports, CBS News, Network 10, My5, BET+ and Viacom TVE.


Lyle Scott III

Director of Software Engineering, Video Delivery and Experience

Lyle manages and contributes to engineering efforts and architecture around Multi-CDN strategies, configuration, and in-house decisioning engines and to high velocity real-time observability and analytics platforms that process 30+ billion data points a day with 30 second latency from the edge.


Alexander Leschinsky

CEO & Co-Founder
G&L Geißendörfer & Leschinsky

As a trusted consultant to major German broadcasters, Alexander established the 'Streaming Division' at Geißendörfer Film in 1999, and then co-founded G&L Systemhaus in 2005. With his extensive academic background in systematic musicology, phonetics, computer science and electrical engineering, he is able to bridge the gap between client demands and technical viability, while also harmonizing standardization with transformative innovations. Alexander is not only a respected professional, but also a devoted family man and an avid choir singer.


Brenton Ough

CEO & Co-Founder

Based in Barcelona and originally from Australia, Brenton is the CEO and Co-founder of Touchstream. Prior to founding Touchstream in 2015, Brenton focused on performance monitoring at HP for clients like Sky, NYSE, and iBasis, and it is here that he saw a gap in mission-critical monitoring, specifically for OTT streaming. Brenton has a passion for sports, and is an entrepreneur focused on product innovation and development, a believer in partnerships, and a hands-on motivator.