G&L at Hamburg Open 2024

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Join us at Hamburg Open 2024: Navigating Cloud Costs & Unveiling New Tech

🔸 17 January, 1pm, Open Stage

Don't miss Alexander Leschinsky's insightful talk, "Cloud Embracement or Exodus: Profitability in the post-0% interest rate era"! A must-attend for anyone exploring the future of cloud services.

🔸 Exciting reveal from G&L's innovation lab

We're thrilled to introduce our latest development – the Audio & Video Processing Unit (AVPU), a groundbreaking on-premise server. Boasting lowenergy consumption and highperformance, it's built with Supermicro’s ARS-110M-NR and 10 NETINT Quadra cards, powered by Ampere CPUs. Capable of streaming up to 180 channels and running AI models on live video – welcome to the next level of streamig solutions!

🔸 G&L, your comprehensive solution provider

Whether you're leaning towards on-prem, cloud, or a hybrid approach, G&L is here to tailor the perfect solution for you. You can think of us as your 'one-ass-to-kick' in your OTT setup.

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