At ANGA COM 2024, Will Law, Akamai's Chief Architect for the Cloud Technology Group, presented a session on "Media over Quic" at the G&L booth.

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Will Law presents 'Media Over QUIC'

We learned from Will Law that 'Media over QUIC' is a protocol to pay attention to.

It aims to significantly enhance real-time media experiences by combining low-latency streaming services with the scalability of real-time media conferencing. This protocol is particularly relevant for broadcasters, OTT providers, and network operators.

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Will Law

Will Law is Chief Architect within the Cloud Technology Group at Akamai and a leading media delivery technologist, involved with streaming media on the Internet for the last twenty years. Currently focusing on Media Over Quic, WebTransport, low latency streaming, MPEG DASH, CMCD, CMSD and CAT, Law is Co-Chair of the W3C WebTransport Working Group and the CTA Common Media Client Data Working Group and past President of the DASH Industry Forum and Chairman of the CTA WAVE Project. He holds Masters degrees in Aerospace Engineering and an MBA and prior to Akamai worked for a series of engineering and media-related startups.



Chief Architect, Cloud Technology Group



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