G&L wird Mitglied bei RadioDNS

"Wir freuen uns sehr, Teil des RadioDNS-Ökosystems zu werden und unsere operative Erfahrung mit hybriden Radio-Metadaten und IP-Distribution einzusetzen. Wir möchten dazu beitragen, dass Hörer:innen alle Radioinhalte auf jedem Gerät ihrer Wahl hören können", sagt G&L Managing Director Alexander Leschinsky über die Mitgliedschaft seines Unternehmens bei RadioDNS.

Pressemitteilung RadioDNS vom 11. Februar 2022:

RadioDNS welcomes new member G&L

By Rosie Kendrick

RadioDNS goes from strength to strength as we welcome G&L Geißendörfer & Leschinsky GmbH to our growing membership.

Based in both Europe and the US, G&L designs, implements, and manages solutions for processing and delivery of media content, with diverse partners and customers ranging from leading providers for CDN services, to vendors of players and encoders, to service providers for monitoring and controlling IT systems. G&L is a trusted partner to the German public service broadcasters, who represent a large amount of radio listening in Germany, the EU’s most populous country, and will be providing RadioDNS services for them.

Nick Piggott, Project Director of RadioDNS said, "We really welcome G&L as both a member of RadioDNS, and one of our newest service providers. They have an impressive track-record of technology service and support, and we’re very much looking forward to helping them deliver a best-in-class RadioDNS service to their customers."

G&L’s co-founder and Managing Director Alexander Leschinsky said, "We are thrilled to become a part of the RadioDNS eco system and to apply our operational experience in hybrid radio metadata and IP distribution. We want to help bringing the right radio content to each listener on the device of their choice."

The global membership of RadioDNS not only supports the vital work being done by us in the area of hybrid radio, but our members influence the direction of the organisation and the projects we pursue. Members may join our Technical Group which works on developing new hybrid radio functionality; from analytics to targeted audio replacement, the group works towards creating solutions for the whole hybrid radio community to use.


Pressemeldung RadioDNS vom 11. Februar 2022. Wir danken RadioDNS für die freundliche Bereitstellung der Inhalte.

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