Q&A Follow-Up Video: Processing video CDN logs at scale

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As promised, we're back with answers to the remaining audience questions from our recent workshop, "Processing Video CDN Logs at Scale". Brenton Ough, CEO and Co-Founder of Touchstream, addresses your queries in this follow-up Q&A video with G&L's field reporter, Jin Soon Brancalhao.

The questions addressed are

🔸 Criteria adjustments when logs are generalized and summarized for alerting

🔸 Essential field metrics for detecting issues during a live-streaming event

🔸 Limits and types of custom data that can be sent

🔸 GDPR and data privacy concerns

🔸 How you can use Hydrolix with third-party tools for visibility

Don't miss out on this valuable information!

Workshop: Processing Video CDN Logs at Scale


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In just over 60 minutes, experts from Paramount, Touchstream, G&L, and the SVTA provided a comprehensive look at high volume data processing.

Key Takeaways

🔸 Data Source Exploration: Various data sources and their applications in real-time and historical analysis

🔸 Data Management Challenges: Strategies to manage high cardinality logs and metrics effectively

🔸 Cost-Saving Techniques: Innovative methods for data reduction and cost optimization

🔸 Advanced Tooling: Latest tools that enhance data management efficiency

🔸 Custom Data Solutions: How to build tailored solutions for complete data control

🔸 CDN Logs Management: Handling CDN logs in complex, multivendor settings

Any questions?

Do you face the challenge of managing the overwhelming number of log lines generated by your live streams? We know how quickly requests from individual clients to the CDN can add up for broadcasters and OTT platforms when dealing with large audiences, generating millions and even billions of log lines that need to be received, processed, normalized, and analyzed. Our team is happy to help you!