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Press release, provided by Hydrolix

Portland, Oregon, 17 April 2024

Hydrolix partners with G&L Systemhaus to enhance streaming media delivery through data aggregation

The Hydrolix-G&L partnership focuses on improving the delivery of media content, both live and on-demand, through Hydrolix’s large-scale data aggregation technology

Hydrolix, a provider of next-generation data lake technology, today announced a new partnership with G&L Systemhaus, a full-service systems integrator for large broadcasters in the German-speaking region and across Europe. The partnership focuses on improving the delivery of media content, both live and on-demand, through the use of large-scale data aggregation techniques.

"By adding Hydrolix to our product offerings, G&L transforms vast data landscapes into cost-effective, actionable insights to power our clients' success with advanced, media-specific analytics," said Alexander Leschinsky, co-founder and managing director of G&L Systemhaus. "We look forward to helping our customers innovate and make data-driven decisions faster, smarter and more impactful."

G&L offers solutions for processing and delivering live and on-demand content for large broadcasters and in the fast-growing over-the-top (OTT) media segment. The same factors that make OTT attractive to both advertisers and consumers alike – greater control, personalization and insights into quality of experience – also generate a tremendous amount of streaming log data. As traffic grows, so does the need for a way to cost-effectively ingest, enrich and store the data generated.

Hydrolix is a next-generation data lake platform built to power data-intensive applications. It combines stream processing, decoupled storage and indexed search to deliver real-time query performance at terabyte scale for a radically lower cost than other cloud data platforms. The integration of Hydrolix technology aims to enhance G&L's data management services.

"We built our Hydrolix platform to solve the economic and big data problems plaguing many companies today and we’re excited to partner with G&L to further accelerate adoption in the media space," said Marty Kagan, co-founder and CEO of Hydrolix. "Collecting and retaining massive amounts of data for years can be prohibitively expensive, forcing companies to make painful choices, such as discarding or sampling data. With Hydrolix, they can collect, retain and analyze all of their data, affordably, so they can proactively identify and resolve performance and security concerns, as well as use historical data to address the root cause."

G&L will use Hydrolix’s technology to address five areas

  • Reduce costs for logs and metrics: G&L will implement cost-effective storage and analysis of massive volumes of time-based data to reduce costs associated with logs and metrics.
  • Advanced database capabilities: G&L will enhance database functionalities for a fast and efficient SQL-based query interface.
  • Specialized media log and metric analysis capabilities: G&L will support advanced workflows, including handling various types of CDN logs for HLS, DASH, CMAF, MPEG-TS over TCP or Icecast, and ingest and aggregate logs and metrics from encoders, storage systems, playback and client analytics tools.
  • Turning data into operation: G&L will harness data to drive operations effectively by turning billions of log lines into operation, integrating thresholds and alerts and coordinating with partners like Touchstream for actionable insights.
  • Flexible visualization: For data representation, G&L will integrate with Grafana for flexible visualization capabilities.

Key benefits delivered to G&L by Hydrolix include

  • Hot storage performance comparable to object storage costs
  • Scalability to match varying levels of activity without the need for over-provisioning
  • Enhanced data control with the option for users to operate in their Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)
  • Reduced data footprint and storage costs with a compression ratio of 20-50x
  • Efficient resource utilization to aid in meeting sustainability goals
  • Flexibility with the ability to connect via SQL or Spark APIs without needing a proprietary interface

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About Hydrolix

Hydrolix is a leading provider of next-generation data lake technology that is transforming the economics of managing log data. With a unique combination of stream processing, decoupled storage, proprietary high-density compression (HDX) and indexed search, Hydrolix’s platform delivers real-time query performance at terabyte scale while dramatically reducing the cost and footprint for storing and managing log data. The platform powers high-performance, data-intensive applications to elevate business intelligence, optimize operations and drive growth. Companies worldwide deploy Hydrolix for a wide range of use cases, including security, observability, content delivery, digital advertising, AI/machine learning and regulatory compliance. Founded in 2018 and based in Portland, Ore., Hydrolix is trusted by Fortune 500 companies across diverse industries.